Our Vision/Aims

We believe that LEARNING is most effective when:

  • self esteem is high,
  • the child is at the centre,
  • children know what they are learning and why,
  • success is celebrated,
  • children are able to work both co-operatively and independently,
  • there is progression and continuity which builds upon previous experiences,
  • the curriculum is differentiated and children are working at an appropriate level and pace,
  • the assessment process is clear with opportunities for self evaluation and reflection,
  • children are involved in their own target setting,
  • the classroom is organised appropriately and is equipped with high quality resources.
  • experiences beyond the school take place such as educational visits, and visitors are invited into school

We believe that TEACHING is most effective when:

  • teachers have high expectations of all children in their care,
  • individual abilities and previous levels of attainment are recognised and built upon,
  • communication with children, parents and colleagues is effective and all are treated with respect,
  • planning is thorough and effective,
  • assessment is used to inform future planning,
  • a variety of teaching styles and strategies are employed and used appropriately,
  • Teaching Assistants are involved in planning and assessment and are deployed effectively throughout the school,
  • teachers have the opportunity to develop professionally within a culture of monitoring, mutual support and challenge.