Playground Zones 

We are really pleased to send you an update about playground zones. We review the playground zones every 4 weeks by speaking to staff and children. This is coming up to our second review. This term, we have changed some of the zones in response to your children’s wishes. We have spent a lot of time teaching the children how to play in the new zones. 

They will now have much more freedom as to where they choose to go.

 Zone 1 Chill out zone: blankets, dressing up, teddies and dolls. 

 Zone 2 Reading and colouring:

We have a range of colouring materials, paper and small and super big books to read, on blankets. 

 Zone 3 Construction zone 

Lego, Pirate ships, cars, castles, mini figures of different types and building blocks. 

Zone 4 Traditional games 

Play Tag, Stick in the mud, Duck Duck goose, Grandmother’s footsteps and other traditional games on your own or with an adult. 

Zone 5 Bikes, trikes and scooters.

A very popular choice! 

Zone 6 Bats and balls 

(Owing to popular demand there will be a small area given over to cartwheels and handstands. On the grass only) 

What the children think: 

Issy: “I love the colouring and reading zone as it makes me feel calm.” 

Jack:” I like bikes and trikes as I love the red one!” 

 What the children think: 

Theo: “I really like bats and balls. That’s the best as there are loads of games to play.”