Our Vision/Aims

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Our values:


Our strategic aims:  

Our aims are founded on our federation vision and values 

The Orchard Lea Federation strategy:– shares and defines the vision of the federation for the next three years-expands the federations strategic objectives-defines key goals and measures that demonstrate success of the federation and each school– underpins the strategic plan alongside an operational development plan with financial forecasts and management plans alongside two individual school improvement plans. 


Our vision: 

Our vision is to create a federation family that provides an excellent education for children from Year R to Year 6The federation will be forward thinking and innovative within the community we serve, so all children leave our care as well-rounded individuals able to achieve academic success and are well prepared for life in our modern world.Every child, without exception, will leave the federation with values, skills, qualities and aptitudes that enable them to thrive in the future.Our federation will be the school of choice and begin to be recognised at local, regional and national level as an example of excellence. 


We will: 

–  be a reflective community of learners who understand how children learn and develop into creative thinkers and problem solvers

– be a community where high expectations, challenge, collaboration and cohesion, support and enable us to succeed 

–  provide opportunities and experiences to enable children, regardless of their starting point or circumstances, to experience learning success.

–  provide an innovative, engaging and authentic curriculum that reflect the needs of our pupils and the community and world in which they live

 – place the needs of our children at the heart of all decision making, caring for each and every child and their wellbeing

 – respect and value staff, their development and wellbeing, encouraging them to flourish and be successful.

– ensure quality provision for success in all areas of the curriculum, and particular emphasis on the arts and sport.

– be proactive and look to the future, innovatively changing and adapting to meet the needs of our school community to ensure success in all we do.


AspireContinuous improvementcontinuous raising of attainment and achievement of all pupils through quality provision across the federation from YR to Y6 

  • Outcomes above National average and at least in line with local averages consistently
  • Good or better progress for all children from their starting points
  • Close the gap for disadvantaged pupils so no child left behind
  • Improved attendance to be at least in line with national averages
  • Continuous, cohesive and progressive REAL curriculum provision Year R to Year 6                                            ( Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning)
  • Continuous, cohesive teaching and learning approaches based on experienced and researched evidence
  • Cohesive learning to learn strategy and policy – Learning behaviours
  • Assessment for learning and formative assessment strategy
  • Strong subject knowledge of all staff
  • Leadership and staff development (inc governance)
  • Inclusive and cohesive culture and strategy – SEND and behaviour
  • Monitoring and evaluation strategy; cohesive and collaborative
  • Outstanding safeguarding practice  CollaborateCollaboration and cohesionA collaborative and cohesive approach to provide quality provision for all  
  • Seamless transition continuum from pre-school  to secondary school
  • Professional development at all levels that meets the needs of staff and pupils impacting on outcomes and progress
  • Continuous, cohesive and progressive REAL curriculum provision from Year R to Year 6
  • Continuous, cohesive teaching and learning approaches based on experienced and researched evidence
  • Cohesive learning to learn strategy and policy – Learning behaviours
  • Assessment for learning and formative assessment  strategy across the federation
  • Leaders at all levels across the federation working together for success
  • Communication strategy that is cohesive including online
  • Voice of the school community is heard– parent, pupil, staff   
  • Collaboration with local and global community
  • Sport and the arts – collaboration within and beyond the federation
  • Subject leadership strategy for maximum impact and retention
  • Cohesive reporting to parents strategy
  • Structure of staff teams reflects the federation collaborative, cohesive aims  InspireInnovation and creativityA federation provision and culture that inspires all within it.  
  • Innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning to meet the needs of our pupils and our community
  • Inspiring leadership at all levels
  • Innovative and inspiring curriculum, that reflects the needs of our pupils and the modern world, providing the skills and knowledge for success in the future
  • Using business models to enable growth and sustainable future of the federation
  • Innovative approaches to development and provision of sport and the arts
  • Future proof the federation and enable growth through innovative leadership and management 
  • Sustainable and engaging environments where people flourish and feel safe
  • Innovative approaches to enable wellbeing, recruitment and retention of quality staff
  • Innovative and creative approaches to professional development for all
  • Sustainability of both schools and the federation through sound and robust financial planning and management  CareCulture of care and wellbeingA culture of family, where everyone is shown care and respect, encouraging self growth and resilience alongside a culture where we can take risks, challenging ourselves and each other.  
  • Reflective community of learners to learn from mistakes and grow through their mistakes
  • An environment where everyone can take child centered, calculated risks, using innovative and creative approaches to problem solving without fear.
  • A culture of care and respect for individuals, groups and the world
  • Opportunities to grow in resilience and strategies to face challenge and change
  • To provide a work life balance for all staff within the local and national agenda
  • A safe and secure environment for all; where everyone can flourish and grow
  • To support staff and leaders with knowledge and skills in self care and self growth
  • Use the pillars of wellbeing to create a physical environment and routine for mentally well staff and pupils
  • To be known locally and regionally for our caring, family ethos and provision

Growing together to achieve and succeed.

We strive to prepare everyone at Orchard Lea Infant School to become lifelong learners ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

In partnership with families and community, our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom that help children to develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills, which include our ‘Learning Powers’, (resourceful, reflective, resilience, and reciprocal), and cultivate their character necessary to succeed.

Our children will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

We believe that LEARNING is most effective when:

  • self esteem is high,
  • the child is at the centre,
  • children know what they are learning and why,
  • success is celebrated,
  • children are able to work both co-operatively and independently,
  • there is progression and continuity which builds upon previous experiences,
  • the curriculum is differentiated and children are working at an appropriate level and pace,
  • the assessment process is clear with opportunities for self evaluation and reflection,
  • children are involved in their own target setting,
  • the classroom is organised appropriately and is equipped with high quality resources.
  • experiences beyond the school take place such as educational visits, and visitors are invited into school

We believe that TEACHING is most effective when:

  • teachers have high expectations of all children in their care,
  • individual abilities and previous levels of attainment are recognised and built upon,
  • communication with children, parents and colleagues is effective and all are treated with respect,
  • planning is thorough and effective,
  • assessment is used to inform future planning,
  • a variety of teaching styles and strategies are employed and used appropriately,
  • teaching Assistants are involved in planning and assessment and are deployed effectively throughout the school,
  • teachers have the opportunity to develop professionally within a culture of monitoring, mutual support and challenge.